Are you one of those people who resists making changes because you have mastered the skill of procrastination? Some of the reasons that people use to delay taking the actions they say they would like to make are:

  • It’s not the right time
  • I’m not in the right place
  • I haven’t got my mind around it yet
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • Other people won’t like it
  • I’m not that sort of person

Do you use any or all of these  as excuses for not doing something? Even though you sound convincing when you tell others what you’d really like to do, or how you hope that someone would be able to improve your current situation you use those reasons to stay stuck in your rut.

What can you do to change this state of affairs and make the changes you’ve been delaying?

You can go through each of your excuses and turn them around so that they become instead reasons why you can succeed and do what you want without any more procrastination. When you do that you will  have affirmations and be on your roadmap for success:

  • It’s the right time
  • I’m in the right place
  • I’ve got my mind around it
  • I know what to do
  • Whether people like it or not my life is what matters to me
  • I can change and be the person who can do it

When you change these statements from negative to positive then your perception of what is possible changes too and you will be able to do what you want to do.

You will be confident that this is the time in your life to do these things so that instead of waiting longer you will begin to clarify your goals and plan your course of action.
You will realise that wherever your location there are ways you can achieve what you want or will work out ways to move into your ideal place.
Your mind will engage with your project so that you find ways to overcome obstacles in order to move forward with your goals.
You will be very clear about the goal you want to achieve and the steps to take towards it.
You are aware of your own needs and wants and make these paramount  and  are able to make your changes into a win-win situation for those others who may be affected.
You are confident that not only can you make the changes you want but also that you can initiate whatever it is that you believe is missing form the situation rather than waiting for others to do it.