Have you ever felt stuck and wanted to talk over your challenges with someone?
The obvious choice is to turn to partner, friends or family. But they are too often involved in their own life issues and tend either to pull yourself together and do what they think is best for you, or shrug their shoulders and dismiss your concerns because they don’t really sympathise with you.
So what could you so instead?

You could push your concerns away and carry on as before. This might be to find in the short-term but the feeling of wanting something different will return from time to time until you finally make the decision to do something about your life.
You could follow the suggestions of your friend and end up doing something which you don’t really feel comfortable doing at all. This won’t solve your problem because you will be doing something which is not congruent with your own needs and may also be against your morals too.
You could do something drastic without really considering the consequences. This could be good for you because sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that when you do so you’ll be able to find your feet again. However, it’s usually a good idea to think through the pros and cons of the action you decide to take.
You could bury your frustration in alcohol or junk food. This may give you the false illusion of being helpful but it won’t solve anything, just make you numb for a short while, won’t make the problem go away and lead to other health and life problems for you too.
You could seek help from a therapist. If you want to explore your past and find the reasons for why and how you got into the situation you find yourself in now, then this can be useful.  But understanding your past may not enable you to move forward into a brighter future.

You could seek help from a life coach.

If you want to accept where you are today and now want to move towards a better and different life then a coach will enable you to do this while he or she sits beside you for part of your journey and helps you to face challenges and do what you truly want to do.

Even though you probably know all of this you may not be doing what you want because you believe it isn’t possible given the circumstances of your life.

It might be the strength of your inbuilt beliefs which are stopping you from making the changes you would love to make. So listen to the excuses you make and ask yourself if those statements are really true. You may be surprised to find that in fact, they are not always true and if you begin to consider life with those beliefs turned around that you would be able then to make the progress you want and do things differently.

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