Are you stuck in a rut of believing that changing your life isn’t possible? Nevertheless whatever you think there is always a choice and a possibility to make changes to your life. Even though you may have reached the conclusion that nothing could possibly be different you will find that when you your mindset makes some shifts that you come to realise that change is possible. So it is vitally important that in order for you to find  other ways  to alter your situation and make changes you have to learn ways to change your mindset.

To change your mindset the first thing to do is to say to yourself that you are open to possibilities. Not only that but also that you are willing to change even if at this stage you don’t know how to do so. Say this affirmation in the first person and present tense and repeat it several times every day. Write it on ‘post it’ notes to stick on your computer screen or mirror or car dashboard.

Find and talk to other people who have been in  similar situations to you and have made the changes you want to make and ask them what they did. You may not want to do the same but talking to them can spark other ideas in your head.

Be very sure about what you want to achieve  and set yourself clear goals. Identify the first step you need to take then brainstorm every way you can think of to succeed with  your goal. Don’t edit these ideas, just fill your page with everything you can think of, even the most unlikely idea may have some essence you might be able to tap into.

Most important is not to censor yourself at this stage with comments like: ‘I’d never be able to do that.’ Instead accept that there might be something in any of the ideas you have.

It’s  your internal critic which may have been stopping you making any progress until now.  Relax and let your internal dreamer have its say and tell you ways forward. In order to do this it’s important to take the time to daydream and imagine yourself having achieved what you want and think about what it would be like to be living your desired life. Think about where you would be, who would be with you, what you’d be wearing, what you’d be saying and hearing and how you would be feeling.

You can change your life if you follow these tips for change.