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Making your lifestyle healthier

I enjoyed reading this blog post about how to have a healthy lifestyle:

The author emphasises the importance of eating well and exercising regularly as well as relaxing and taking time out for yourself.

Even though you probably know all of this you may not be doing it because you believe it isn’t possible given the circumstances of your life.  It might be the strength of your in-built beliefs which are stopping you from making the changes you would love to make. So  listen to the excuses you make and ask youreself if those statements are really true. You may be surprised to find that in fact they are not always true and if you begin to consider life with those beliefs turned around that you would be able then to make the progress you want and do things differently.

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Get in touch with your creativity

Although everyone has a creative side, (known as your ‘right brain’), and a logical side, (known as your ‘left brain’), some people find it a challenge to get in touch with their creative side because they are conditioned to remain on a path which is conventional and proven.
Being creative means being prepared to think ‘outside the box’ and think of new and original ways to do things.

You may wonder how you could get in touch with your creative side. Here are three ways to do this:

When you want to be creative it’s very important to release any tension from  your body so that your mind can be open to new experiences and not be pre-occupied with dealing with tension or stress. It’s possible to relax very quickly if you take three or four deep breaths while consciously thinking to yourself that as you breathe out you are releasing tension and as you breathe in you are taking in relaxation.  In your relaxed state pick up a pen and start to write down all the potential ways forward you could take to achieve what you want. You might instead find that you would like to use paints instead or a musical instrument to express your new found creativity and explore where it leads you.

Once you are fully relaxed  begin to think about the project you are attempting to complete and allow your mind to wander over various possibilities rather than immediately going for the obvious logical way to do it.  Close your eyes ask yourself what ways there might be to solve or succeed with your project and notice the scenarios which appear in your mind as you do this. You may notice pictures sounds or emotions or a combination of all three. Then imagine yourself moving into the scenario you are thinking about and in that way discover for yourself what might or might not work for you and others. While you consider each possibility and visualise or daydream as if you were already there, you can discover what other people might or might not be doing in relation to you if what you imagine actually happened, and what they are saying to you and others. Be aware  of any emotions that come up for you when you visit the various scenarios. Keep a notebook handy to jot down your experiences and insights as a result of your visualisation.

It’s easy to dismiss unusual or different solutions which you haven’t tried  before but it’s important to be prepared to experiment and play with them. Sometimes what is needed is just doing anything even if you are uncertain of the potential outcome.People often think of all the possible ways that something won’t work and as a result dismiss the idea of trying as an experiment to see what would happen. The reality is that we can’t foretell the future however much we’d like to, so it’s useful to go forward into it in a creative and exciting new way.

How do you unlock your creativity? Add your comments in the box below.

What do you owe yourself?

You owe it to yourself to get the most out of your life.

The worst thing that you can do is to look back over your life and say “I wish I had done this” or “I wish I had done that”

Creating a vision and a mission of what you want out from your life will provide you with some direction and momentum to move forward.

Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut or lack some direction and purpose to your life? Are you just drifting along from one day to the next?

What is your life all about?

Do you let events happen to you rather than going out and making them happen?

When you have a compelling vision, you will feel good about yourself. You know where you are going life and have a purpose to it all.

When you feel in control of your life and events you will naturally feel more confident and motivated to achieve more.

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