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Getting things done: stop procrastinating

Have you ever woken in the morning and wanted to crawl back under the covers again because you know there is so much to do that day?

Although you know that those things won’t get done on their own your heart seems to sink and you decide that putting by putting off those jobs that somehow or other they’ll get done on their own.

What could you do to overcome this procrastination? The longer you put off a task the more it seems to resemble something like a load and it becomes a load which gets heavier and heavier the more you think about not moving it. So in order to get that load moving you can do the following: Point to where you feel as though the load is inside of you. You might feel as though it’s in your head or near your solar plexus or somewhere else in your body. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being able to lift the load out in your hand (or hands if its very big!) and take a good look at it. What does it look like? What colour is it? What is the texture? How big is it? Does it make any sound? Now make it smaller, much smaller; softer; lighter colour; lighter in weight too. Can you make it small enough to blow it away? Now tell yourself it’s time to decide what you must do in order to compete the task you are procrastinating about.

Then ask yourself:

1. ‘Before that what do you have to do?’

2. ‘And before that?’ and continue in this way until you can no longer answer that question.

You will have reached your real first step. Now complete that first step. Do you notice how much better you feel already?

The task won’t seem quite so overwhelming. Once you have completed that first step you can go on to do the next and the next until you have achieved what you wanted.

It’s a common experience that people think about the whole task in its entirety and that can be overwhelming and inhibiting so that you find it difficult to start. However if you do this exercise and chunk down to find the real first step you’ll be able to succeed more easily.

Make the change you want: find your first step

Do the exercise and let me know in the comment box what your first step will be…..


Creativity is so important

Art and Texture

When you get in touch with your right brain you can begin to connect with your innate creativity by letting the paintbrush or in the above example – palette knife, take you to where you want to go.

Don’t plan,  just let the process happen; let your intuition guide you. Put some paint on your palette and brush it on the canvas. Wonderful things happen. In the example above I was thrilled to see what had formed underneath when I scaped off a layer of paint to reveal colours I’d applied earlier. I love paining abstract so I’m not bound by trying to make it look like a photograph!

However sometimes I paint more representationally, though never like a photograph:

Camelias in Winter

I wrote before about creativity and I want to emphaise how important it is for your health and well-being and your ability to make changes in your life to do this. My link to creativity is through painting.

Challenge yourself this week by doing something new and creative: what will you do?

Coaching can enable you to release your creativity too and in that way your life can change in unexpected ways.




Look at your life from a new perspective

What steps do you need to take now?

If you want to change something in your life that you don’t like then you have to start to look at your life from a new perspective because unless you do so, life and whatever you don’t like in it may continue unchanged however much you wish for it to change, the secret is to do things differently.

Do things you  hadn’t considered previously by:

Setting  new boundaries.

Habits are the way you define your life. They are your boundaries, the way you know when to start and when to stop, how you decide what doing something actually means to you and how you behave each day. All of these things can be changed if you decide you want life to be different.  You could start with changing something such as the time you get up in the morning or the time you go to bed. A change in one part of your life makes it easier for you to make changes in another part.

Trying something new.

Not only new boundaries but also what you do and how you do it. Try doing something you haven’t done before or approach solving a problem or challenge in a new way. Notice how friends, family or work colleagues do the same tasks, especially if they do them more quickly or more efficiently than you, and learn to do the same yourself. When you find  new ways to achieve the desired outcomes you will be motivated to get more done yourself.

Changing your perspective.

Notice what seems important and what doesn’t seem important and then switch your feelings around so that your perspective about them both changes. This may be useful to enable you to understand the world from someone else’s viewpoint and thus understand them better. This in turn is useful when you want to change your life so you can make changes that are beneficial to others as much as you.

Stopping something which is unnecessary.

Much of what you do, or at least some of it may not actually be necessary at all. So re-assess all of what you do each day and ask yourself if you need to continue in the same way and what you could stop doing altogether. If you take a metaphorical step back in this way and observe yourself from an outsider’s perspective then you will gain a greater insight into ways you waste time by doing unnecessary tasks.

Coaching can help you take those steps. CLICK HERE

Metaphor to help you change

Many people say they want to change their lives but that’s all they ever do. They never take any action so their lives stay the same and they get more and more frustrated as the years go by.

Perhaps you are not one of those people. Perhaps you know what you want and are ready to take action. That is wonderful because when you decide to change your life and take the first tentative step then something magical happens. It’s as if the world itself changes too. People and places seem different from the way they were before and it becomes easier to believe that what you hope for might actually be a possibility. You begin to see your vision getting closer.

During a  time of  life-change it’s motivating and useful to have a mentor or coach,  someone to support you during the time of transition.

Working with a mentor or a coach  is  a good way to reduce overwhelm and procrastination felt by many people when they decide to make changes in their life.

Perhaps you are a mentor or coach.   If so, make sure you work with a mentor or coach yourself because it’s useful to experience for yourself the benefit that mentoring or coaching brings. Everyone benefits, not only your clients but also, most of all, yourself.  You’ll find out at first hand how beneficial it is to have someone to offload and bounce ideas onto and listen to you talk about the things which seem insoluble in your life.

A powerful way to move an idea forward  is by using metaphor to compare something with similar attributes to the subject you are considering.

For example, thinking about the changing seasons of the year is useful in  relation  to how you feel about aspects of your life and may help you understand how the  process for change happens internally1.

If you are considering leaving something you may feel  like Autumn moving towards Winter. Then you may experience a time when outwardly things are dormant and you lack energy and drive. However, inwardly things are happening.
When your Spring arrives you have more energy, new hope. It is a period for growth and anticipation. Quite suddenly,  it seems, you are filled with ideas and energy. You are ready to take the first steps for change.

Finally, you move into Summer and your life is in full bloom again.

Coaching can enable this to happen more quickly. Find out more here.

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