Where you are physically and emotionally can have a great influence on what you are able to achieve, whether this is in relation to day to day success or achieving a lifetime goal of changing your life and your lifestyle in major ways.

Could it be true that your environment can have such an important impact on the success or failure of your plans? The answer is most definitely  a resounding ‘yes’!
Let’s  consider  where you are in the world: are you in an urban or rural place and how would these affect you? Consider how and where you are able to work and concentrate best. You may be someone who needs complete silence or would better benefit form interaction and support from other people around you. You may prefer working in a high rise office block or appreciate being able to get into or go out into fresh air during your day to day activities. This means that id you find yourself in the opposite sort of place than  your ideal that you may not function so well and your achievements can be diminished.

Your physical space is important and can its suitability also depends on the  air temperature and the climate. Consider too the convenience or not of how you reach your place of work or the space where you want to carry out  the changes you want to make.

Not only physical space but you emotional mindset is important too and it’s vital that you are in the right mindset for change. You need to be feeling very positive about the benefits you will experience when you make the changes you want to make so that you can engage in those changes with passion and enthusiasm.

If you mindset is doubtful or actually negative then your chance of success will be severely
It helps to get into the right emotional space if you can gain support from at least one person, whether this is a close friend or family member or someone who you’ve not met before such as a coach or a mentor.
People sometimes their failure to succeed with the statement that they were not ‘in the right place’ at the time. So this an important factor for success. If you really want to succeed and have failed to do so until now then consider going to another place, whether that is a big as another country or as small as going into another room in the same building, or changing the arrangement of the furniture in the same room.